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You've found the online home of Deadwood Bluegrass Band. Deadwood is one of west Michigan's finest traditional bluegrass bands, and we're happy you are here. We're making some changes to the site, so if something isn't working now, just stop back again because it soon will be.

Deadwood is a Southwest Michigan band whose roots began in 1978. The two original members of the band are Cork Babcock and Steve Carroll. As the band evolved, Ron Sanford joined to play bass. Deadwood welcomes returning member Tod Chapman back to add his banjo playing and vocal talents. Once again, the entire band lives in St. Joseph County, Michigan reclaiming the title of the Bluegrass Capital of Michigan.

Please view our gig dates by clicking on the "shows" button in the menu above. If you'd like to contact the band with questions or comments, or to inquire about hiring the band, just click on the "contact" button to send us a message right from this website.

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