Deadwood Bluegrass: meet the band

Deadwood is a Southwest Michigan band whose roots began in 1978. The two original members of the band are Cork Babcock and Steve Carroll. As the band evolved, Ron Sanford joined to play bass and Tod Chapman to add his banjo and vocal talents.

Steve Carroll - Fiddle, Guitar, and Vocals

Steve Carroll

Born in Mount Pleasant, Michigan, Steve now makes his home in Mendon, Michigan. As a seasoned musician, Steve not only brings his instrumental talent to the band, but also has a large repertoire of songs. His outgoing personality automatically slates him to be the front man for the band. Because of his passion for bluegrass, Steve has a broad knowledge of bluegrass history. Steve is a founding member of Deadwood.

Cork Babcock - Mandolin and Vocals

Cork Babcock

Three Rivers, Mi. is my hometown. I Started playing the mandolin in the early 70’s with Zeb Miller from the band "The Down Yonders" and his family. Not long after getting my feet wet in bluegrass I was introduced to Steve Carroll...a next-door neighbor of my parents. It wasn’t long after we started picking that the band "Deadwood" began to take shape. Through the years I got married and produced two fine kids, worked and retired as an art teacher from Three Rivers School District. The band managed to survive and is a great source of pride for me.

Tod Chapman - Banjo and Vocals

Tod Chapman

A Centreville, Michigan resident, Tod is a third generation Banjo player favoring the "three finger style". He has played with a number of bands in the Michigan, Indiana and Ohio area’s gaining a variety of experience and musical influence. Tod is a returning member of DEADWOOD having played from 1995 till 2002. He makes his living as the owner of Tod Chapmans Auto Service. When not playing the banjo, he enjoys building and collecting banjos (lots of em).

Ron Sanford - Bass and Vocals

Ron Sanford

Another resident of Mendon, Michigan, Ron is an accomplished musician and adds the bottom end to the band’s overall sound. Aside from playing bluegrass, Ron is interested in the recording process that accompanies it. Ron has recently retired from the quality assurance department of a medical nutritional/infant formula company.

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